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Kavita takes a look at the latest in the UK, London, and China’s latest updates: the big issues, trending subjects, sport, urgent travel updates, and live crossovers to events and interviews around the city.

The show has mixed modern music to help you through the office day with an informed and entertaining overall style.


Bang ! You don’t need to go to China town for Chinese food again !

News July 11,2017

     Hey, Yao’s here. Are you looking for some traditional Chinese and Asian food in London but you find that China Town is too far from your place? Bang ! I’ve got an exciting news for you. Bang Bang Or...



LISTEN: Vicar's Picnic Festival Coming Soon

News July 05,2017

The Vicar’s Picnic is touted as one of the greatest music festivals in The UK. The music extravaganza takes place every year on the banks of the Lees River, in the town of Yalding.   If you’re wondering what The...



My Freakshake Brings All The Boy's To The Yard...

News July 05,2017

And Hard Rock’s, it’s better than yours…   The iconic restaurant, Hard Rock Café is celebrating its American roots with a limited edition Freakshake this week. If you’ve never heard of a Frea...



Quidditch Premier League Coming To London

News June 12,2017

  Quidditch, yes really (Pic: QPL) This summer, London will be hosting one of six Quidditch Premier League fixtures, to determine the strongest teams in the UK and set their ranks in the Quidditch Premier League Championshi...



Caroline Lucas stages “emergency intervention“ for the environment

News May 30,2017

Caroline Lucas, Green Party co-leader, has this morning staged an “emergency intervention” into the General Election campaign to highlight how the environment has been ignored in the national debate so far.   Lu...



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