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Kavita takes a look at the latest in the UK, London, and China’s latest updates: the big issues, trending subjects, sport, urgent travel updates, and live crossovers to events and interviews around the city.

The show has mixed modern music to help you through the office day with an informed and entertaining overall style.


Emancipation Day reparations March from Brixton to Westminster

News August 01,2017

The annual Afrikan Emancipation Day reparations March from Brixton to Westminster will be held today. The event which takes place to try and force the government to pay reparations for work carried out by their ancestors during ...



Antwerp's Bier Central

News July 31,2017

I spent one year living in the city of Antwerp as part of a study abroad initiative. I visited many pubs and bars and loved the big differences between Britain’s chains and Belgium’s independents. The homely feel and d...



Is this the worst job advert in the world?

News July 18,2017

  We all know that it can be hard to find a job that you like and enjoy, the Sino team are lucky to work in such an amazing environment with great people. One job in the arts though has caused quite a stir on social media...



Fratelling You About The Vicar's Picnic

News July 12,2017

The festival season is well and truly underway and this weekend The Sino team will be heading down to The Vicar’s Picnic in Yalding.   This year’s festival is set to be the biggest in its four-year history and t...



Spanish Royal visit to the UK

News July 12,2017

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain are all set for a fancy three day trip in the UK, which has been postponed twice in the past. The Royal couple today attended a Royal reception in Westminster, to mark the start of a state...



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