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Common Nonesense

News February 13,2018

You may think a university degree is the key to your dream job, but good old common sense is still a top priority, with more than three quarters of Brits valuing it more than a high IQ. In fact, 70% of people think common sense i...



Peugeot Citroen aquire Chinese parts distributor

News February 12,2018

PSA aims to access to a competitive and efficient supply chain distribution system. Photo credit - Pixabay.   Groupe PSA, owner of the Peugeot and Citroen motor brands, has purchased a controlling stake in a major Chin...



Fifty Shades Gone Wrong

News February 12,2018

Gerry & Dave discuss 50 Shades Of Grey...and it goes wrong Tune in every weekday morning from 8-11 ...



Gender Equality?

News February 12,2018

Gerry & Dave get gender equality wrong! Listen to Gerry & Dave every weekday morning from 8 -11 ...



Road To Brexit

News February 12,2018

Gerry attempts to talk about politics...and it all goes wrong! Listen to Gerry & Dave every weekday morning from 8-11 ...



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