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Gerry finds out what the movie life is like with Eddie!

News October 27,2016

(Photo credit: Digital Vision) Have a listen below and hear Gerry catching up with the one and only Eddie the Eagle Edwards!!  Find out where to ski this winter, what it's like to be a national icon for 28 years, and is Eddi...



Famous UK Wine School opens China Branch

News October 27,2016

The UK's Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) - a globally renowned educator in wines and spirits - has announced that it will open its first ever international office in Hong Kong. The office will open on 10th November, i...



iPhone disguise - clever China kit reflects Apple woes

News October 27,2016

Here's a question for you - what's the difference between an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7. Well, as we pointed out last month, the answer is ''not a huge amount.'' Indeed, if you strip away the internal technological differences, su...



William Saunders Exhibition of Qing Dynasty Shanghai photography

News October 27,2016

Pic: A Qing Dynasty woman by William Saunders Londoners will be able to look at life in the Qing dynasty next month when a display of photographs from William Saunders goes on display at China Exchange. Saunders was born in...



Is the NFL Heading to China?

News October 26,2016

The National Football League (NFL) - the home of top-flight American Football - could soon be hosting regular matches in China. At present, the NFL plays games outside the USA in countries including Brazil, Mexico and the UK. Ame...



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