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'Listen to Iron Maiden, baby' with Makey

News July 20,2017

    It won't be all of Iron Maiden (or indeed any of Wheatus), but Chris will be speaking to Tony Moore, one of the band's original members. Moore who later went on to join 80s sensations Cutting Crew.   &n...



Terrorism Exercise in Battersea Park

News July 17,2017

Gunfire echoed through Battersea Park's Old English Garden this afternoon as members of the military carried out a counter terrorism exercise.    Witnessed by journalist Jason Rushworth, the suit clad men and women pra...



LISTEN: Vicar's Picnic Festival Coming Soon

News July 05,2017

The Vicar’s Picnic is touted as one of the greatest music festivals in The UK. The music extravaganza takes place every year on the banks of the Lees River, in the town of Yalding.   If you’re wondering what The...



SINO Talks Politics - Labour Manifesto

News May 22,2017

Tuesday saw the launch of the Labour Party's manifesto.    Key policies include scrapping university tuition fees, re-nationalising the railways and increasing income tax for those earning above £80,000.   ...



New video shows dancing aunties take on road safety

News April 26,2017

In its latest attempt to stop jaywalking, Beijing has written a pop song and enlisted dancing aunties to promote road safety awareness. Last week, Beijing’s Commission for Guiding Cultural and Ethical Progress released...



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