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Shocking Number of Guns Handed in during #Giveupyourgun Campaign

News February 13,2017

Over the past week, the Metropolitan Police have had almost 50 guns handed in at various police stations in and around the London area during the #giveupyourgun campaign which launched on Monday 6th February.   People in ...



Children's Mental Health in 'Crisis'

News February 06,2017

(Pic: MIND) Children’s mental health charities are raising awareness this week for children’s mental health all over social media.   Hosted this year by mental health charity, Place2Be, the theme for this year ...



#StandUpToTrump Protest On Whitehall

News January 30,2017

Not since the anti-Iraq war marches of 2003 have so many people, so passionate about a cause assembled to demand their elected politicians hear their voices, and enact their will. This evening, Whitehall was blocked from Trafalga...



2017: The Year of the Fire Rooster

News January 30,2017

2017 the year of the Fire Rooster, not just any rooster (Pic: Twitter) Thousands of people celebrated the Chinese New Year yesterday in Trafalgar Square and Chinatown in a wonderful parade full of colour.   Our own Spectru...



“Women’s Rights are Human Rights”

News January 23,2017

Women and men united all over the world in solidarity on Saturday, the first day of Trump’s Presidency, to protest against the misogyny, racism and bigotry witnessed throughout the presidential campaign.   According t...


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