UK bringing UK's Farfetch to China

CHINA , UK, FASHION October 12, 2017 is in the process of launching a separate but wholly-owned subsidiary, Toplife. Photo credit - Pixabay's push towards selling more luxury items is good news for British retailer Farfetch   In June, we...



China and UK perform well in cashless survey, Canada takes top spot

BUSINESS, CHINA , UK October 11, 2017

Over one third of card payments that happen in the world happen in China. Photo credit - Pixabay   The UK and China have ranked highly in a survey of 'Cashless Countries' whilst Canada topped the list.   Although it'...



Costa following Starbucks' lead in China

CHINA , UK, FOOD, EAST MEETS WEST October 11, 2017

The 252 stores in the South of China had previously been operated jointly with local partner Yueda. Photo credit - Costa   Costa has become the second firm in recent weeks to bet big on China's growing appetite for cof...



Selfridges release new Lady Garden tops for Gynaecological Cancer Research

HEALTH, UK, Europe, FASHION, LONDON LIFE October 10, 2017

Lady Garden. Foof. Vajay. Whichever word you choose to call your private area, it deserves your attention.Selfridges has once again partnered with the Lady Garden Campaign to release a new range of tops in a bid to raise...



Chinese robot police used for crowd control

CHINA , UK, EAST MEETS WEST October 10, 2017

The long arm of the law looks set to become the electronic arm of the law, as China introduces robot police in a bid to control crowds.   Rolled out for Golden Week the first time the Darlek looking robot officers have be...





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