Introducing... The Headline That Should've Been

UK, EAST MEETS WEST August 16, 2016

Gerry here... From now on, I want your help on the headlines - by making them up! After considering every week's current events, I want to know the headline that should've been:   "Local Man Scares Londoners On Tube ...



Fitness Fanatics Disturb the Peace at Primrose Hill

UK, LONDON LIFE August 16, 2016

Trendy fitness fanatics are disturbing the peace at Primrose Hill.  That's according to locals who a tired of early rising hipster's “high-fives, hugs and constant whooping” every Friday morning.  The Times...



Drug Could Prolong the Life of Pet Dogs

HEALTH, UK August 16, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) A drug that prolongs the life of pet dogs is currently being trialled - and showing great promise.  Rapamycin, an anti-rejection medicine, was given to the pets by scientists at the University of Washington...



Fares Increase 'Twice as Fast as Wages'

UK August 16, 2016

Trade unions have revealed that train fares have increased 'twice as fast as wages' over the last year. BBC news cites the analysis by the TUC union and Action for Rail, which shows that fares have risen by 25 perc...



Uber and Black Cabs Welcome London Rules Review

UK August 15, 2016

Uber - and their London black cab rivals - have both welcomed an anticipated review of the city's private hire rules. That's according to City AM, who report that Sadiq Khan is likely to re-examine the regulations following lobby...





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