Airbnb Announces Anti-Racism Policy

EDUCATION, UK September 09, 2016

More positive news in the fight against racism as Airbnb introduces an anti-discrimination policy.  The new policy aims to tackle reports that black people are less likely to receive rooms. A hashtag on twitter, #Airbnb...



Universities 'No Names' Scheme Avoids Racial Bias

CHINA , EDUCATION, UK September 08, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) Universities in the UK are taking part in tests to eradicate racial prejudice - by admitting students without their names being known.  The 'name blind' system will be piloted at Exeter, Huddersfield, ...



How to Raise a Leader in China

CHINA , EDUCATION August 22, 2016

Here's a story for pushy parents - children as young as three are being enlisted to CEO courses in China. An education training agency in Guangzhou, Guangdong province claims: "Hand us a kid, we give you back a future leader...



Disappointed Students Tweet Excuses for Results

EDUCATION, UK August 18, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) Cries of sadness and joy can be heard across the country today as expectant 18 year olds receive their A level results.  For some, the occasion is momentous. For others though, tragic. At least disappoint...



A Third of Overseas Choosing NOT to Study in UK

CHINA , EDUCATION July 29, 2016

Almost a third of students overseas have said they won't be travelling to the UK to study.  The Brexit result is apparently the reason for the choice, with many claiming the country appears "less welcoming." A survey shows ...





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