Where's the Most Expensive Place to be Rich?

BUSINESS, CHINA October 06, 2016

They say that you learn something everyday. If that's true, then my lesson of today has been that it can be expensive to be rich.  This came as a surprise to me - after all, you never hear people saying for example that it's...



Chinese girl missing after falling down manhole during typhoon

CHINA October 06, 2016

A Chinese man has been arrested for removing a manhole cover after a local girl went missing after falling into it during heavy flooding caused by Typhoon Megi. The girl - an 11-year-old named Xiao Lin - is believed to have been w...



China Exchange hosts Grammy winning singer

CHINA , UK, LONDON LIFE October 05, 2016

(Photo: Chinatown, Pixabay)  The China Exchange, a dynamic centre promoting excellence in London's Chinatown, is hosting a string of music and art events this Autumn.  The Pure Land Series, a set of innovative pro...



Almost a third of Chinese tourists pack noodles for holidays

CHINA October 05, 2016

Almost a third of all Chinese tourists that travel on holidays overseas choose to bring packets of instant noodles with them. According to a survey carried out by Alibaba's travel business, Alitrip, and asset management firm, ...



New London Tunnel is Good News for Chinese Investors

BUSINESS, CHINA October 05, 2016

London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, has approved a new £1 bn tunnel in East London. The Silvertown Tunnel will link North Greenwich (the current entrance of the heavily congested Blackwall Tunnel) on the South of the river Thames t...





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