Western auto recalls grow in China


Chinese-produced VW Passat's are included in the latest recall of nearly 2 million vehicles in China. Photo credit - Pixabay


Volkswagen has become the latest Western car manufacturer to recall vehicles in China.


The latest announcement impacts 1.8 million VW's that were produced between 2007 and 2015 by the German company in partnership with local firms FAW and SAIC.

We understand that the recall is due to a potential issue with fuel pumps on the relevant vehicles, which are mainly Magotans and Passats.

Aston Martin, Audi and BMW have all recently had to recall a combined total of many millions of cars in China. What's more, it's only been a matter of months since we reported on VW's last recall in the Country, in that case of 600,000 vehicles.

It certainly seems that recalls for foreign vehicle manufacturers in China are a growing trend. We wanted to find out why.

For the answer, an interesting suggestion comes from Aston Martin Chief executive Andy Palmer.

Speaking after Aston Martin's own announcement about safety issues in June, Palmer said that the fact that the recall started in China...

"...demonstrates the importance of China, the sophistication of the customer and the diligence of the authority there."

This suggestion ties-in with the fact that a growing number of recalls are now starting in China and then spreading to other countries.

Auto manufacturers, together with authorities around the world, will be hoping that it's a trend that doesn't continue to grow.

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