We Can Teach You How To Lie


A new study has laid bare how trusting we are, our habits when it comes to lying and who in our lives we suspect has a secret motive.

Politicians will be less than pleased to win this vote; the majority say they don’t trust our political leaders and 71% of respondents believe politicians have a hidden agenda.

In the era of ‘Fake News’, it seems our trust in social media sites has also been affected. The study reveals that just over half of Brits distrust social media, and it’s surprising to see that young people are among the least trusting when it comes to social media , topped only by those aged 55+.

The research reveals men consider themselves better liars… and practice more often! 9% of men consider themselves expert liars versus just 4% of women. When it comes to frequency it seems men are fibbing more regularly, telling one lie every four days compared to one every eight days for women.

Deception detection expert Darren Stanton joined Gerry & Dave to chat about this more

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