VisitBritain Week - China Tourism Worth £1bn by 2020


Tourist ties between China and the UK look set to grow. Photo Credit: Nebari / iStock / Thinkstock

It's VisitBritain week on - everyday we'll be revealing some fascinating information about Chinese visitors to the UK, as well as talking to representatives of the tourism organisation, and considering how British businesses could benefit from learning more about their guests.

Yesterday, we reported that visitors to the UK from China like to shop more than the average guest, and we revealed where they most like to shop.

Today, we're covering news that Chinese tourism in the UK could be worth as much as £1 billion by 2020, according to VisitBritain.

They're aiming to increase the figure to that amount following news that record numbers of visitors from China are now coming to Britain.

So what can British businesses do to better attract and welcome Chinese customers?

According to the British Hospitality Association (BHA), quite a few things! As we reported in October, they recommend offering information such as menus and welcome letters in Chinese, to help visitors feel at home and ease understanding.

They also suggest hiring staff with diverse language training, and offering Chinese snacks and drinks as an option for guests.
The BHA believe that businesses accepting a wide variety of credit cards are also more likely to attract visitors from China, who in total spend an average of £2,688 per head.

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