Visit Britain Week - What do Chinese Tourists Buy?


What do Chinese tourists like to buy, and where do they like to shop? We reveal the answers. Photo Credit - Pixabay

It's VisitBritain week on - everyday we'll be revealing some fascinating information about Chinese visitors to the UK, as well as talking to representatives of the tourism organisation, and considering how British businesses could benefit from learning more about their guests.

Today, we're looking at the shopping habits of Chinese tourists. 

VisitBritain's research shows that visitors to the UK from China like to shop more than the average guest. Apparently, 65 percent of Chinese tourists will shop during their trip, as opposed to a figure of 57 percent for all visitors.

They're particularly attracted to high quality shopping and they appreciate the craftsmanship and authenticity of British brands.

VisitBritain have told us that visitors from China are particularly likely to buy bags and purses, which are bought by 26% of Chinese visitors compared to 9% of global average. This means that they are three times more likely to buy a bag or a purse that other visitors. They are also nearly twice as likely to buy books and items of stationary.

All of this is good news if you happen to own a British stationers or handbag shop - but popular shopping destinations amongst Chinese tourists don't end there. VisitBritain's research that the atmosphere of our boutique shops and globally renowned department stores are particularly popular, but that Chinese guests also enjoy getting a bargain in the new outlet areas such as Hackney Walk in London and at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire.

Tomorrow, we'll be continuing VisitBritain week on with a report on a potential future growth in the number of Chinese visitors coming to the UK.

In October, we revealed that more Chinese tourists were coming to the UK than ever before, with a rise of 46 percent over the last few months.


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