UK’s best paying student jobs revealed: Construction paves the way, with Accountancy cashing in second



As students start to flood back into education, the one big thing on their mind will be money. Let's face it student life can be expensive, and a loan doesn't always go that far.


But have you ever wondered where is highest paid for part time work in the UK? Where the most vacancies are, and which profession will earn you the least?


Wonder no more, online job site CV-Library, used vacancy data from 15 university cities looking at hourly/weekly pay, weekly hours of work and industry and checked out 2,000 part time jobs.

-Leeds students are the highest paid for part-time work in the UK

-Most vacancies in social care and hospitality industries

-Cleaning and warehouse work are among the lowest paid student professions


But, thankfully for those at university now, new data shows that there are more job vacancies in the UK than ever before, a leading job website has found that the construction, accountancy and marketing sectors offer the highest hourly pay for students.


With graduates facing levels of debt like never before – the latest figures from educational think tank Sutton Trust suggest the average is £44,000– earning a crust while studying is becoming essential.


The highest paying industries for part time student jobs are:

1. Construction (average hourly rate of £13.58)

2. Accountancy (average hourly rate of £12.34)

3. Marketing (average hourly rate of £11.61)

4. Education (average hourly rate of £11.04)

5. Customer Service (average hourly £10.35)


The highest paying cities for student part time jobs are:


1. Leeds (average hourly rate of £10.12)

2. London (average hourly rate of £10.08)

3. Reading (average hourly rate of £9.91)

4. Leicester (average hourly rate of £9.84)

5. Coventry (average hourly rate of £9.84)


Student jobs in London are the most numerous, with nearly a third of all suitable jobs on CV-Library originating from the capital – the majority of these being in hospitality. Jobs in Birmingham, Reading and Coventry follow with 11%, 9% and 9% of all student jobs across our 15 cities.

Looking across to the Emerald Isle, the majority of the jobs in Dublin, a popular city for students across the UK, are within the administration sector and retail a close second.


In terms of which industries have the most vacancies for students, social care (14% of all vacancies), hospitality, education and admin lead the way.

So if you're a parent and your kids are always trying to tap you up for cash, maybe it's time for the Bank of Mum and Dad to withdraw its credit facilities and start taking deposits only.

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