UK research highlights Chinese lung cancer concern


Lung cancer can be caused by smoking - but the focus is now turning to other causes. Photo credit - Pixabay


A study by a London hospital has echoed statistics from China about lung cancer.


We all know that lung cancer can be associated with smoking.

However, concern is now growing in China, the UK, and other countries, about an alarming rise in the disease amongst non-smokers.

Research by the Royal Brompton Hospital and Harefield NHS Trust in London has revealed that deaths from lung cancer in those who have never smoked could be set to double over the next few years.

This, in turn, has led to concerns that air pollution in major cities could be to blame for the apparent increase.

In the UK, where smoking is on the decline, the effect could be that more lung cancers will be caused by pollution in the future than by smoking.

In China, where levels of smoking haven't fallen to the same degree, the fear is that lung cancer as a whole will continue to have an impact on more and more people every year.

Nevertheless, great efforts have been made by Chinese authorities in recent years to curb air pollution, and the Country has become a world leader in the battle to prevent climate change. 

In other countries, campaigners believe that action must be taken now to prevent more and more pollution-related deaths.

The news follows our report from April that Tagrisso, a breakthrough lung cancer treatment marketed by a British drugs firm, had won approval for use in China.

For genetic reasons, the treatment is apparently very well suited for use by Chinese patients, and the large number of smokers in the Country means that a strong demand is expected over the coming years.

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