Uber Set to Roll out Self-driving Car Service


(Photo: Pixabay)

Uber is rolling-out a fleet of self-driving cars in the next few weeks. 

The vehicles - which are Ford Fusions - are supervised by a driver who takes hold of the wheel if necessary. An observer is also present during the ride. 

Passengers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be the first to experience the pilot project - home to Uber's self-driving research and autonomous technology lab. 

According to Sky News, a deal with Volvo worth an estimated £228m has also been announced by the company - the details of which involve the car manufacturer providing SUV's for Uber's self-driving research. 

Self-driving vehicles have made headlines recently for malfunctioning. 

Google's autonomous car venture has seen some teething issues - one hit a bus because it made an 'incorrect assumption' about where to go. 

Meanwhile, a crash in Beijing involving a Tesla car on auto pilot raised questions regarding the functions safety. A man in Florida died in a fatal crash in June when his Tesla autopilot system failed to notice a large truck on the road.


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