Today Is The Day Most Likely To Give Up New Year's Exercise Resolutions



January 12th has been identified as the day that Brits are most likely to give up their New Year's exercise resolutions - and that's even the case for fitness lovers!


We've all been there. You tell yourself this year will be different when it comes to exercise. You'll be consistent and keep up the schedule. But then the day comes when you just. Can't. Be. Bothered. Even if you're someone that loves exercise. The thought of stepping outside the front door is too torturous. But fitness lovers everywhere will be happy to learn that it's not just you.

The exercise app Strava analysed data from 31.5 million activities globally to show exactly when this drop off in motivation is most likely to occur. The data shows that many of us lost motivation as early as the second Friday in January. This year, 12th January is the day they pinpointed that many of us fall off the exercise wheel. Even for those who exercised daily.

All is not lost though as experts have found ways to ensure you maintain consistency and keep to that fitness schedule. Exercising with friends, joining a club, training in the morning and incorporating exercise into your commute can all help with maintaining motivation. Setting a goal as key - of those who set a goal in January, 92% were still active 10 months later.

Those are no doubt the people whose data contributed to the social network for athlete's impressive 2017 Year in Sport which analysed 339 million activities globally. The data was surprising and gave great insight into where in the country the hardest, furthest and fastest people and terrains are.

Northern Ireland took the title of longest average ride with Ballymena cyclists clocking up an average of 31.8 miles (51.2km). Merthyr Tydfil proved the hilliest - demanding its riders to average 2247.38ft (685m) of climbing per ride through the Welsh Valleys. Stirling riders put in the most hours on the road on average, with a ride duration of 1hr 38mins.

In London 2.9 million runs were recorded, making up almost a tenth of all UK running activity. It is now the global capital for run commuting. But if speed is your thing, Northern Ireland proves to be the fastest part of the UK with two towns in the top 3. Omagh took the crown for fastest town where runners ran a KM in 5.03 minutes, followed by London at 5.05 and Banbridge (NI) at 5.11.

Southampton had the third most popular running route, with the Southampton Sports Centre Athletic Track attracting almost 100,000 runs throughout the year.

To talk more about the data, why our motivation wavers on the 12th January and what we can do to avoid this, Dave was joined by endurance runner Susie Chan, who set a new 12-hour treadmill ladies' world record in 2016 and was even congratulated by another world record holder - Paula Radcliffe - for her achievements.

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