Thousands of bikes abandoned in Chinese car park


Images have emerged of thousands of bicycles abandoned in a Shanghai car park, after they were collected from the streets by local authorities for illegal parking. 

As a result, new rules will be implemented by the government on bicycle sharing apps that require users to give their full name when using the services. 

Approximately 300,000 bicycles have been dumped at two open spaces on Zhongxing Road in Shanghai this year. 

It is thought that at least 90 per cent of the bikes belonged to Mobike, an app which has just launched in Manchester in the UK which allows users to share bikes.

It's not just car parks though; just a couple of weeks ago children's playground in Hefei, China's Anhui province turned into a bike graveyard after many illegally parked bikes were removed from the roads in order not to disrupt traffic.

The overwhelming popularity of these apps, leading to thousands of new bikes being on the roads, has caused the Chinese government to issue new guidelines to regulate these services, calling on local governments to set up appropriate spaces for parking.

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News | June 10,2016

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