Sadiq Khan Calls for G20 Climate Change Plan


London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has joined leaders from 30 cities to call for action on climate change to be taken at the G20 summit.

The meeting will take place in Hangzhou on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th September. It has already been rumoured that China and the USA will formally join 2015's Paris Climate Agreement either before or as part of the summit.

However, The Guardian reports that the group of city leaders have warned G20 delegates that ratifying the Paris Agreement is only a 'first step' towards tackling climate change.

They are now calling on all leaders at the G20 to join them in creating a ''low carbon, climate safe world.''

You might be wondering why these mayors care so passionately about climate change.

The Huffington Post recently published an article which explains why cities (which cover just 2 percent of the earth but are responsible for 60 percent of CO2 emissions) are particularly at risk from environmental damage.

Apparently, cities are more likely to be coastal, and therefore are at greater risk from extreme weather caused by climate change. They are apparently also vulnerable to a so-called 'heat island' effect.

The mayors are not the only group to be lobbying the G20 on environmental grounds. The Guardian also reports that three leading insurers have asked the summit to stop funding the use of fossil fuels.

An important group of investors has also demanded an urgent ratification of the Paris agreement. 

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