No hipsters allowed



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (Beppe di Marco in all his glory)


No hipsters need apply to work at a construction site in east London, after health and safety concerns where raised.


A firm called Mears, has banned its employees from having beards at its Tower Hamlets site, telling them that they had to be clean-shaven so they could wear dust masks safely.


Goatees are acceptable however, as long as it doesn't impact the fitting of the masks, so anyone channelling Beppe di Marco will be fine.


Also exempt are men that cannot shave or wear a dust mask for medical reasons or religious reasons.


Unite regional official for London, Mark Soave, said: ‘The arrogance of Mears is hair-raising.


‘This is a highly delicate issue, which has huge cultural, religious and personal issues and where sensitivity should be the watchword. Instead members have been handed a decree from on high.


‘This is clearly a case of Mears going for the cheapest option and amounts to “penny pinching stupidity”.


‘Other forms of masks are available and these should be offered to existing workers.’


Unite national health and safety adviser Susan Murray, blasted the company for seemingly relying on the sole use of dust masks instead of eliminating the risk and using them as a last resort.


Mears group health and safety director Mark Elkington told the Guardian: ‘The simple fact is that no dust mask can work effectively unless it forms a seal against the skin.


‘That is not possible with a beard or even heavy stubble.


‘We are pretty surprised that Unite, who claim to have the safety of workers at heart have taken this disappointing stance.’




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