Margarita march across London


With Mexican Independence Day just three days away, our craving for tequila has gotten out of control. Thankfully, Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden has got us covered with an all-day Margarita march this Saturday. It's kind of like regular marching, expect there's a fresh, tasty, tequila-filled margarita at every stop. 

The march will start at Cafe Pacifico and pass through a myriad of London bars including Cabana Brasil, Kanaloa Club, Home Bar and WM & Barker Co. The latter is located in the basement of Liverpool Street's famous Dirty Dicks pub and is known for its shrub cocktails, a concoction of sweetened vinegar-based syrup infused with fresh fruits, spices & herbs and blended with spirits.

Tickets cost £29 and includes an all-access VIP badge with which you can enjoy eight speciality margaritas, nibbles, music and entertainment, as well as special discounts on beer, food and of course, MARGARITAS! 

Just don't linger too long at one bar, the march ends at 11pm.

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