Lost Section of The Great Wall of China Emerges from the Deep


A section of the Great Wall of China thought to be lost has re-emerged from a reservoir nearly 40 years after it was covered by water.

Its reportedly caused by a recent drought in Panjiakou Reservoir in Kuancheng Man Autonomous County, Hebei Province in northern China.

In 1978, a huge reservoir was created give water for the cities of Tianjin and Tangshan in to the south.

However, before the dam that created the reservoir was created, a large section of of the Great Wall ran down from the surrounding hills.




An island off the reservoirs edge bizarrely reveals a small section of the wall regularly whenever water levels drop off, making it a popular tourist attraction.

But increased agriculture and industrial activity in recent years has seen the water levels drop more than usual, exposing more of the lost section of wall.


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