London Chinatown Chinese Association celebrates 19th Inauguration Ceremony


Embassy officials, local government representatives and local businesspeople came together to celebrate progress and partnerships on Monday, as the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA) held its 19th Inauguration Ceremony.

With the fortieth anniversary of the LCCA coming up in 2018, the subject of passing on knowledge and skills to the next generation was high on the agenda at the event. Delegates talked about the importance of engaging with young people in the Chinese-British business community. The importance of new business in Chinatown was highlighted too. The rise in more diverse kinds of restaurants serving regional Chinese cuisine in Chinatown was seen as good news – not just for foodies, but also as a positive indication of the area’s economic health.

‘Partnership’ was another word of the event. Minister Zhu Qin, who was among the representatives from the Chinese Embassy at the event, pointed to China’s 19th Communist Party Congress last month and the Belt and Road Initiative as new opportunities for Chinese-British exchange. He encouraged “Chinese people living abroad everywhere to develop their understanding of Sino-British culture (…) and develop international cooperation.”

Along with embassy officials, guests at the event included representatives from Westminster City Council, trade organisations and local businesspeople.

According to its mission statement, the LCCA is a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to “provide a forum, serving the interests and needs of the businesses and the community in London Chinatown area (and) to bridge business opportunities between the UK & China” through a programme of exchanges, trade visits, discussions and conferences.

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