LISTEN - Interview with Actor, Presenter & Mum Giovanna Fletcher About Over-Protective Mums


A new poll released today reveals 1/3 of mums are checking their children’s calls and texts begging the question, are Mums too overprotective?

UK mums have shared the top five most extreme things they have done to protect their children including checking their child’s call and texts (31%), and even tracking their mobile phones, through to banning children from climbing trees and stopping their child playing at the local park.

Interestingly, when children are younger the mother’s intuition is stronger – 95% of mums with children under the age of one believe they have the strongest sense of protection.

But protection isn’t always easy. Nearly two-thirds of new mums (62%) admit they are more concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of their homes to protect their little ones which can add pressure.

Giovanna Fletcher joins Gerry & Dave to talk about what type of Mum she is

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