JD.com on British shopping spree


JD.com founder and CEO Richard Liu. Photo credit - JD.com


Richard Liu, the head of JD.com, is on a shopping expedition to the UK.


As shopping trips go, it's likely to be one that runs up quite a big bill!

The founder and CEO of China's online mega-store, JD.com, is in the UK, looking for British brands to stock in China.

That's according to British newspaper the Independent, who managed to secure the first UK interview with one of China's most famous entrepreneurs.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Liu was very positive about the potential of British products in the Chinese marketplace:

''The Chinese middle and upper classes love British brands, particularly high fashion and luxury goods. And those that have royal links... we love them.'' 

The nature of what JD.com has to offer to British businesses has the potential to revolutionise the trade of goods between the two countries, especially for smaller and medium-sized companies.

Selling in and to China is fast becoming the number one export aim for firms around the world. However, in the UK, some companies are still uncertain about the best way to do this. Specialist advice and translation can be prohibitively expensive, along with the physical costs of exporting products long distances.

JD.com is offering companies a simplified process, with assistance when it comes to many of these hurdles. The attraction is obvious - and could well be mutually beneficial to both JD.com and countless British companies. 

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