It's Gin O'Clock somewhere


(The Queen is said to be partial to a Gin or two)


The Junipalooza is back to tickle the tastebuds of gin lovers, this weekend in London.


The annual festival, which gets its name from a mix of Juni - short for juniper the main botanical, and Palooza - short for celebration will take place at Tobacco Dock on the June 10 & 11.


With more than 50 gin distillers in attendance and 100 gins on offer, all free to try with or without tonic, it is sure to be a gin-tastic.


Once through the door, visitors will be handed a tasting glass, a show guide, a bottle of water and given free reign to taste their way through the next four hours.


The ticket also entitles goers to listen to a range of talks and masterclasses from industry experts, as well the chance to order from the cocktail bar, should straight gin get a bit too much.


Organisers say "Junipalooza is a great chance to hear the stories, dreams and ideas that have done into to making each drop being served, and become a part of them."


"We have a strict owner or maker policy at the show and Junipalooza has become known as a unique opportunity to meet the makers behind craft gins from around the world, attracting guests from all over who fly in to join in the festivities."


If attendees taste the perfect gin (or gins) that they wish to take home, the festival also allows the opportunity to buy directly from the makers.


Now in its fourth year, Junipalooza is a huge event and undoubtedly the best way to spend World Gin Day. The festival is £30 per person and tickets usually sell out before the event so don’t miss out.


Go to to find our more and buy tickets.

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