High Heels in Japan, Two Steps Back For Feminism?


Women in Japan are being urged to wear high heels in an attempt to empower them. 

Thats according to The Japan High Heel Association (JHA) who are calling out those who wear flats to swap to stilettos, claiming it not only builds confidence but improves posture. 

Not only are they promoting heels they are also enticing the female race to partake in etiquette lessons and you guessed it, they are not cheap. 

A six week course costs £3000 and so far 4,000 women have signed up. In a Daily Mail article, Managing director of the company 'Madame' Yumiko remarked the courses were useful as, 'Japanese women walk like ducks.'

But could this be two steps back for feminism? As Japan is promoting the heel, the West are fighting to free themselves from it's social constraint. 

Only last month, 140,000 British people petitioned in parliament in the UK, calling for a change to an outdated dress code law that allowed employers to require women to wear high heels in the work place.

Celebrity critic Julia Roberts, outcasted the shoe in favour of flats for Cannes Film Festival this year in protest to organisers ejecting women for wearing them to the previous ceremony.  



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