Great Wall Manages Impressive Debut


Matt Damon’s inclusion as a British mercenary in a film about the Great Wall of China has not been without controversy (see below). Photo credit -

Great Wall - the largest ever co-production between Hollywood and China - has had an excellent first few days in the Chinese box office.

The film, which charts the history of the Great Wall with the added inclusion of aliens, doesn’t open at American screens until February 2017, but launched in China on 15th December.

Figures to the 18th December show that it took an impressive $70 million over the first few days of release.

Great Wall had an epic budget of $150 million, and was directed by oscar-nominated Zhang Yimou, starring Matt Damon.

In August, we reported that Damon’s inclusion was causing controversy.

At the time, some Hollywood insiders were arguing that non-white stars in Hollywood are few and far between, and that this would have been a great chance to promote a Chinese actor.

However, Damon actually plays an English mercenary in the film, which is of course a lot less controversial than him playing a Chinese character.

Yesterday, we revealed that Growth of ticket sales in the current year in China has been 4.4 percent when compared to 2015. Total annual ticket sales in China are now an astonishing $6 billion, a figure which is just short of 20 percent of all cinema revenue in the World.

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