Pigs are being rescued in China and the UK and being eaten at the same time


Firefighters who saved 18 piglets from a blaze in Pewsey, Wiltshire and then went on to cook and eat them six months later, have apologised. 


The blaze started when 60 tonnes of hay went up in smoke.


After a sausage farmer, Rachel Rivers, promised to serve the pigs to the firefighters as sausages, they cooked the meat on a barbecue, which triggered criticism on Facebook. 


Pewsey fire station posted a review of the sausages on Facebook. It has since been taken offline.


“Exactly six months and one day since firefighters rescued 18 piglets from a fire, we got to sample the fruits of our labours from that February night,” the post said.


The firemen later issued an apology for the post, saying: “In regard to a recent post on this page. We recognise that this has caused offence to some, we apologise for this and as such have removed the post.”


Mrs Rivers admitted that she understood that vegetarians would not approve, but defended their actions by saying: "we farm and this is what we do. You can’t keep them as pets."


But it's not just the UK where pigs are being rescued. Chinese social media seems suspicious of the motives of some of the pig rescuers. One comment even directly referenced the firefighters story.


Earlier this week, due to floods, people from Sichuan Yibin village started an emergency evacuation and transfer of important materials, including pigs in their sties. The pigs stumped everyone because they were so heavy and difficult to move on, but somehow a pig showed a smile.

Here are some comments on Weibo:




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