Fancy a mannequin?


(Photo: Home Alone)


Feeling a bit lonely?


Want to re-enact the scene from Home Alone, where he fakes having a party to ward off the ‘Wet Bandits’?


Or maybe you just want to create a window display?


Well the UK wholesale company, Morplan has you covered.


In a statement released by Morplan yesterday they said: ‘We pride ourself on quickly responding to and fulfilling retailer's every need, and as such, we are now offering a wonderfully stylish range of mannequins for hire.


And if that wasn’t enough, there are a whole 45 types to choose from!


Ranging in poses including 6 month old babies, ballet dancing girls, abstract females to headless men.


At prices working out as little as £18 per day and with mannequins delivered across the country, Sino journalist Aleesha is already working out ways to best use this service to comical effect.


Maybe sending one to a friend’s work place on a rainy Tuesday... 






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