Famed British composer's work to be performed for the first time, 24 years after his death, with China programme in planning


Phantom of the Opera, the 1925 silent classic film, will be screened in a one-off event at the London Coliseum, accompanied by a 77 piece orchestra playing the symphonic score, at 5pm Sunday October 8th 2017.



A self-taught pianist and child prodigy, Budd performed his first concert at The London Coliseum in 1953 at the age of six. He went on to perform with stars such as Aretha Franklin, Bob Hope, and Antonio Carlos Jobin as well as scoring 40 feature films. In 1989 Budd acquired an original 35mm film print to the 1925 silent film Phantom of the Opera from a collector.


Budd completed a full orchestral score for the film using an 84-piece orchestra and recorded this with the Luxembourg Symphony Orchestra. In 1993, with five weeks to go before a London premiere and European tour, Budd suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away at just 46 years of age.   


24 years later The London Coliseum will host the first ever live performance of the score accompanying the film, with Spencer Down conducting the Docklands Sinfonia orchestra.


Head of Production Nick Hocart - who lives in Hong Kong and travels between the UK and China frequently - has plans for future performances of Roy Budd's 'Phantom' to be held in China, in collaboration with local orchestras.


This one-off performance will take place at 5pm on Sunday October 8th 2017 at The London Coliseum.


Tickets to the event are available at here  Box office: 020 7845 9300

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