Dry January


Now that the Christmas Festivities are over, it’s that time of year that we all look to setting new goals for the year ahead. In 2017 the number one New Year’s resolution was too lose weight flowed by “get healthier”. One simply and FREE way to do is to join the movement that is weeping the country – DRY JANUARY.

The benefits of quitting alcohol this January include
• Better Sleep: Even though alcohol makes you feel sleepy, it prevents you getting the deep sleep you need to feel rested the next day.
• Weight Lose: By stopping drinking and cutting out the calories that come with it, losing weight becomes effortless!
• Save money: On average, each of us in the UK spend over £50,000 on alcohol over our lives, so you could save more than you’d think!
• Improve your mental health: Alcohol can lead to extreme emotions, irritability and low mood.
• Reset your relationship with alcohol: Dry January is your bootcamp for learning to take charge of your drinking, so that you can make decisions that are right for you on when, what and how much to drink.

Joining Gerry & Dave is Dr Richard Piper from Alcohol Concern

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