Do you feel lucky, punk?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (This could be you after tonight)




No it's not a phone number, it is in fact the jackpot of tonight's EuroMillions.


Rolling over from last week's cool €113m jackpot, it's not far off the maximum winnings allowed of €190m.


So just how lucky do you have to be to scoop this life-changing amount?


Odds are 1 in 139, 838,160 although overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 13.


So if you think that lady luck is on your side tonight and are already day-dreaming about what to spend it on, we are here to help with a few suggestions.



Buy a private Caribbean Island – Bird Cay


This island located in the Bahamas is on sale for a lowly €10.2m.

For that price you get 250 acres of sun-drenched paradise, plus a two storey property.


If that isn't enough it also includes a boathouse, a small shop, a carpenter's shop, a rainwater tank, two generators, a three car garage, storage buildings, full array of water sports equipment, a machine shop, paint and gas storage.



Put on your own festival


According to Michael Eavis, organiser of Glastonbury Festival, it costs £22m (€25.2m) to put on.

That pays for the infrastructure, fencing, roads, loos, police, acts etc. Come to think of it I've always thought AleeshaFest has a certain ring to it...



Write a letter to Charlie Sheen to brag how rich you are


He might be 'WINNING' but with a net worth of $125m or €111.5m he wouldn't be the winner in this rich list game.



Re-make Jurassic Park


Steven Spielberg's 1993 massive blockbuster, which saw an island of dinosaurs break free and cause a bit of a riot cost $63m (€56.2m) to make.



Dress like Marilyn Monroe


The crystal-encrusted gown that she wore to serenade John F Kennedy sold last year for $4.8m (€4.28m).

It was brought by museum chain Ripley's Believe It Or Not, beating the previous record set by her white costume from 'The Seven Year Itch' which sold for $4.6 (e4.1m) in 2011.


The Happy Birthday dress, made by Jean Louis, was famously so tight that Monroe was said to have been sewn into it before she performed for the President on May 19, 1962.




Pretend to be James Bond


Being 007 doesn't come cheap.


The master of suave and sophistication would give Kim Kardashian a run for her money, when it comes to up keeping costs.


In the last film to be released, Spectre, Mr. Bond is seen driving around in a Aston Martin DB10.

Unfortunately only 10 of these were ever made with 8 used in the film and 2 purely for show cars.


However, fans will be pleased to know that they released a DB9 GT Bond edition which cost a measly £253,000 (€290,000)


Sadly, the closest you would probably get to snuggling up to Daniel Craig these days is by staying in the fancy hotels he does.


Five nights in the Alps and then five in Mexico, obviously in some top notch accommodation, will set you back €2,400.


And if you are stopping in posh places like that, you will have to put some effort in to look the part.


The knitted bomber jacket and stirrup trousers designed by Tom Ford that he wears in the Alps, cost €4,380, while the smartphone and OMEGA watch he sports come in at €7,843 combined.


According to the novels, Bond lives in an apartment on Kings Road in Chelsea, one of the most expensive part of West London.

A quick search on RightMove shows that a one bedroom apartment furbished to Bond's high standards would cost around €900,000.


Totting all the figures up, it'll cost about €1.7m to be like 007, plus you would obviously need to set some extra aside for obligatory constant stream of Vodka Martinis.




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