Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 9th June




If you’re prepared to borrow some of the tact of the Rabbit ruling the day and take a diplomatic stance, there’s a good chance of resolving a dispute today. When you meet in the middle, you can find a compromise. Imagine the outcome you would like to see, and hold that picture in your mind.



Don’t let others’ sense of panic knock you off balance. It seems that certain people are putting some pressure on you. Whilst you appreciate there’s a deadline to meet, you know that you are operating at a comfortable pace. By not rushing, you’re going to do things carefully and properly, and feel enthusiastic about what you’re going to accomplish.



Your Tiger personality understands how a little bit of charm can work some magic, yet you’re not afraid to speak about things as you see them. Somebody seems to think that being thoroughly sweet and delightful is a clever way of not admitting they made a mistake. You’re not going to let them get away with not correcting things. You’ll find a tactful way of helping them to understand.



If you feel you need more support then you want to make it known that you could do with more hands on deck. Ask for the sort of help you need, and ask in more than one place so that you can find the right people as quickly as possible. You’ll find that you want people with positive attitudes as well as the necessary skills.



Others will tend to assume things are going according to a plan unless you tell them otherwise. Do not feel too proud to admit that you need help to get things back under control. It would be far more straightforward if you could admit that something does not seem quite right and you’re not sure where things have gone wrong.



When you see how things could be changing you can soon spot where there are opportunities for you to make your mark. Look at the situation from a different perspective. Something which you thought was firm is perhaps not as fixed as you first thought. There could be a lot more room for manouvre when you discover some new information.



You already have a good idea of what you want and how to get it. There are those around you who want to talk about matters, before going ahead. You’re not in the mood to debate all the nuances because you don’t see how it would change things. Still, if you listen to what they’re saying, you could find a way of convincing them to move forwards at your pace.



When it comes to teamwork, remember that different people bring along different aptitudes and attitudes. It might take a while for everyone to get comfortable, and you’re going to make sure that everyone gets to know each other. Once you get everyone pulling in the same direction, you’ll find that many hands make light work.



Not everyone is as quick at picking up on what needs to be done as you are when you’re in a mood to get things done. Be a little patient when others do not seem to share your enthusiasm. Help them see that there’s a greater purpose and how things fit together in the bigger picture. When they’re aware that you share the same goals, it’ll be easier to persuade them to get going.



When it comes to money matters today, examine all the figures carefully. If there are differences, it could lead to a debate. Avoid being hasty about jumping to conclusions, and you could avoid getting into a dispute. It could come down to some sort of simple misunderstanding. Get into the details and ask others to do the same, so that you’re clear on what’s happening.



Normally, you tend to switch off when unsolicited advice is thrown your way. Today, you could find that you pick up some useful ideas when others bring you an answer to a question you didn’t ask. Be grateful for the guidance that turns up in an unusual manner. If something has been on your mind, you can spot the solution straight away.



Sometimes, it’s like you need to return a book to the library before you can take out another book and learn more. If you feel that it’s time to move on from a certain chapter, close the book, return it, and take another one off the shelf. If you appreiciate the impermanence of what you experience in life, you’ll understand that things are changing all the time.


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