Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 8th June



Listen to all sides of the arguments, for you might come to realise you don’t need to put up a fight at all. A lively debate could lead to changes of opinion all around. When you’re not attached to

fighting your corner, you could find that there are some ideas which are worthy of greater exploration. Be open to listening without necessarily agreeing.



Although you suspect somebody is keeping something back, there’s no need for you to tell them that immediately. Ask some open-ended question and give them the opportunity to reveal things themselves. They probably have an idea that you know something more. You’re going to play your cards close to your chest and wait for them to open up.



You can’t expect somebody to do what you would do, even though you feel it would be the right thing. How you would handle a situation could be quite different from how somebody else deals with it. Seek to understand why what seems to be an obvious solution for you is not so easy for the person who is dealing with it.



Stay in your own sense of calm, and do not let others draw you into their storms, unconsciously. They could be being stirred up by excitement or anger. Beware of other peoples’ emotional moods today. You could find that their feelings affect you, for better or worse. You can choose not to join them in sympathy.



Doing something different can lift your spirits, and give you that sense of excitement you’re longing for. Perhaps, you’re starting to get bored with your everyday routine. If you approach your day with an attitude that you’ll find something new and exciting, you’ve already done the mental preparation. Now, you’re going to put your ideas into practice.



Give someone the benefit of the doubt, for things are not always quite what they seem. Could it be that those who alerted you have some sort of vested interest? Keep asking for the different versions of events before you approach the person concerned. You might find that you get closer to the real story when you have gathered all the facts.



A Tiger day can make you feel especially confident. Make the most of having a spring in your step and think clearly about how you would like things to develop in the coming weeks. Who do you want to involve in your plans? Seek out those who could lend a help in practical ways, or be a sounding board for your new ideas.



Just because somebody asks you to do something it does not mean you’re going to drop everything and do what they ask at the drop of a hat. Whilst you can certainly help, you want to plan ahead when it comes to handling their request. Help others understand that you have other priorities and commitments, which you intend to honour, just as you would if you had promised them something first.



The Tiger energies of today make it more challenging for you to win an argument. If you are already caught up in some sort of a dispute, today is not a day for you to become even more confrontational. Why not save yourself some time and effort by choosing not to fight today? Bow out of any tricky conversations gracefully and come back when you’re ready for a lively exchange.



Is somebody playing power games? You’ve spotted how somebody is trying to manipulate you. Since you’re aware of what they’re up to, you’re going to avoid walking into a trap. If you pretend that you don’t know what they are trying to do, you could fool them, rather than be fooled by them. You’re patient and you’ll wait for their next move.



Allow others to assist. There’s some good support arriving for you today, yet you might feel a bit hesitant about involving others. There are some things where a team effort will pay greater dividends than trying to struggle along alone. Some things are best tackled by a team. Run on your own with those things you know you do best without others being involved.



See if you can stick to a straightforward way of looking at things. The arrangements which started off as being quite simple have become increasingly complex, so much so that you’re not even sure what it is you need to be dealing with today. Double-check what you’re doing and what everyone else is supposed to be doing to avoid getting into a muddle.




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