Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 6th June



Somebody is being rather persistent, yet you know that they don’t have a strong argument and their position is tenuous. As far as you’re concerned, you’re not going to continue a discussion which goes round and round in circles. You’re going to turn your attention to other matters. You want to feel upbeat about what you’re going to do next, and not be held back by pointless debates.



It would be wiser to think about what you say before you say it. Noticing that others are out of control is all the more reason to exercise some self-discipline. Just because others are being unruly doesn’t mean you’re going to join them. There could be words you are tempted to hurl out in the heat of the moment, yet you know you’re going to remain composed.



It’s a case of there isn’t anything you can do to convince others if they’re intent on being disagreeable. You might as well suggest that you wait and see. Eventually, it will become apparent that you knew what you were talking about all along. Meanwhile, you’re going to be busy with other things. If others refuse to accept things as they are, you’re not going to change their minds.



When somebody tells somebody else’s secrets to you, it’s a sign that you would be wise not to trust this individual. Maybe, they think they can find out something from you in return? You would rather other people do not know your secrets, so you’re going to make it clear that you are not interested, just in case they expect you to reveal something private in return.



Is somebody cajoling you into doing something you’re hesitant about? Ask them why they think their suggestion is a good idea. If you remain unconvinced, they’re not going to win you over. Unless somebody has some very compelling reasons, you’re not going to let them talk you into going along with their ideas.



Wanting to make something perfect means you could delay finishing it because you want to do one small improvement, followed by another. Is it a good idea to try to fix something that’s not broken? If a situation is acceptable then you’ll make improvements if they’re needed. It’s better to get it done than keep on fiddling with it. Others might not notice those things you’re changing.



Talk openly about your differences and deal with the controversy in a cordial manner. It could be that even if things do not work out on this particular matter, at other times you could find you can do something worthwhile together. Just because you do not see eye-to-eye with somebody on a particular topic it does not mean you are going to fall out.



It might be time for you to give some encouragement to somebody who is feeling doubtful about your support. Words can make a difference today. In articulating your support for them they’ll then be able to charge ahead, and only check in with you when they’re needing your feedback. Be clear about what’s been done right and what needs more attention.



Disagreements and hurt feelings can be put behind you after you’ve talked through the matter and resolved your differences. If you’re mending fences, it doesn’t mean you’re being weak or backing down, it means you value the bond you share with the other person. How much do you value a relationship?



You could find others can help shine a light on a tricky situation. Instead of walking around with a frown on your face be more open about what’s bothering you, instead of keeping it to yourself. Talking things over can help you gain another perspective, and you’ll soon spot that there’s another way of finding a solution.



Is somebody being a little cheeky? You had not reached an agreement, yet others are treating it as if you had agreed. Was it a misunderstanding or were they being presumptuous? Either way, if they need you to be involved, they need to ask you properly. It’s up to you to stop them in your tracks and let them know where you stand.



If you’re unsure whether or not you can trust somebody, it might be the only way you can truly find out is to watch and wait. See if you can observe how much they trust others and how trustworthy they are in other people’s eyes. If you’re meant to stay connected with someone, time will reveal that. Allow trust to develop gradually.


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