Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 30th June



Today, you have no choice but to deal with matters head-on. It’s not nearly as awkward as you imagined.All the effort you have put into avoiding somebody or avoiding a situation has proved to be far more hard work than confronting the person or the scenario. Once you have cleared the air you will be glad you didn’t hide for any longer.



You're aware that change is in the air. On the one hand you were looking forward to new arrangements, yet on the other hand you were quite keen to cling onto a familiar routine. Now that change seems to be happening more slowly, it gives you the chance to let go of the old and to prepare for the new, gradually.



Today, it’s confirmed that you were right about something, yet you were rather hoping this was not the case. Now that it’s apparent to everybody exactly what the situation is, at least you can start dealing with it properly. You already have some tactics ready in your back pocket, and you’ll be using them if you need to.


There’s not much point in secretly wishing that certain people would do things in a particular way. Since they’re not aware of your secret wishes, if you want them to make improvements you need to talk to them. You can start by dropping a few hints, but really you need to be quite clear in explaining exactly what you expect. It will be helpful all around if you speak your mind.



It’s reached the point where you cannot procrastinate any longer. Hopefully you will find an ally today, but even if you don’t, you know you need to do what is on the top of your list, even if you do not feel like it. If you can find someone to do things with you not only will you enjoy their company, you’ll feel that the task ahead is not quite so difficult.



A matter is not as complicated as you are making it. Have you been busy overanalysing things so that you cannot see the wood for the trees? Take a big step back and notice the big picture. A detailed solution is not needed when you have a clear cut view on the matter. When you take a simple view, the solution will spring out.


Do not be surprised if there’s some opposition to your ideas today. It could be that certain people need more convincing about what you are putting forward. You might need to think of other ways of explaining things. Choose to see it as others helping you to find better messages that others understand.


It’s time for you to consider what is most important and to make sure that priorities stay on track.

It seems as if you have so much going on that it’s amazing you have managed to keep everything together this week. You might want to think about how you can delegate other tasks. Do not feel you have to do it all yourself.



You want to say something to help, yet you are aware that they might not appreciate your input and see it as some sort of interference. You could ask if they would like it if you made some suggestions. When they do not feel that you are going to tell them what to do they might be more open to listening.



Something which you thought could be left alone now requires your attention. If other people are starting to panic you can start by getting everybody to calm down and think about matters with a cool head. Are there some things that absolutely have to be done today and, if so, by whom? There could be other things which could be left until next week.



There have been some things which you have been meaning to do and which you still haven’t got round to doing, and it is Friday. Rather than keep leaving those things undone, see if you can pass them on to somebody who would be willing and able to take care of it. You could even make them feel happy that you trust them to do something rather important.



If you already have a sense that it would be a good idea for you not to get involved with something, do not allow yourself to be persuaded into stepping in. Ask more questions. If you can see that it would only add to the complexities by you becoming involved, let others know that they can manage without you.

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