Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 29th June



Are you wondering if others are somehow making more progress? Whilst it’s good to keep an eye on your peers, when you pour too much attention onto what others are doing, you have less mind-power for doing your own stuff. Keep your nose to the grindstone and concentrate on what is important for you. This is more important than being concerned with what others are up to.



When you see others heading towards trouble, you can call after them, yet it’s up to them to choose to heed your warning. Know that you have done the best you can and don’t make it your problem that others make silly choices. Some people might need to make their own mistakes, in order to figure out a better way of doing things.


Your Tiger personality is not going to put up with silly gossip others spread about you. Ask them if they really think it’s such a good idea to make unkind remarks, which are not true. It might be that they didn’t realise the impact it could have on you. They will after you have spoken with them. Your Tiger nature will make it clear you’re watching your reputation.



Sometimes you need to probe in many places before you get close to finding an answer. Asking lots of people will eventually lead you to find exactly what you need to know. Trust that if you need to ask more questions you now know the best place to go and ask. Eventually, the answer you are looking for will be revealed.


There could be those who are half-expecting you not to address an issue because it is so awkward, and hope you will forget to mention it. You're going to be quite straightforward in what you say today. You're going to surprise them by hitting the nail on the head and not being the slightest bit afraid of what others might think.



On a Pig day, like today, it can be tempting to say something in the heat of the moment. It would be far wiser for you to take a deep breath and very calmly explain exactly why you are angry, and how their behaviour contributed. Remaining level-headed means they cannot say you lost your temper with them, and use that as an excuse for carrying on with their bad behaviour.



Are some rules made to be broken?It was not part of the plan for you to break any rules, yet it feels as if it’s necessary to not go along with the rules exactly because the rules do not seem to be working at the moment. Before you try to even bend the rules, it might be worth your while to check if indeed the rules apply to what you’ trying to do today.



Could it be that you already know deep down the decision you would like to take, yet you know that others would expect something different from you? Be true to yourself and go with the decision which you feel is right for you. There’s no way for you to keep everyone happy, so do what makes you happier.


Ask others for their views on your plans, even if you feel they could be finding flaws. It could be that they also have some further ideas, which you had not thought about. By letting others know you value their contribution they will feel appreciated and you will also feel a deep sense of satisfaction that comes with maintaining good bonds.



At the moment the best way for things to work is to take things one day at a time. Whilst this might not be entirely comfortable, it’s far better than feeling exasperated because things keep changing. Trust that matters will eventually settle and you can get your plans back on course. Be open to events unfolding in unexpected ways.


Adopt a more positive mind-set not because others tell you it’s the right thing to do, but because you know it makes you feel a whole lot better. When you can see what can be done, there’s no reason not to get on with it. You want to be upbeat, and pay attention to taking care of the different outcomes.


Is it time to pause and reflect? If something doesn't feel quite right, you want to pin down what needs to change. When you realise you are moving quickly but not in the right direction, you can feel glad that you chose to stop as soon as you did. It’s time to set another course, after you have thought carefully about where you want to go.

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