Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 27th June



You want to make it clear that you did not give a firm commitment.

What you thought was a tentative arrangement has been taken to be something far more solid by others. If others push you towards a decision, it might be time for you to decide one way or the other. The answer might not be what they want to hear, but it might be why you did not make an agreement in the first place.


The Rooster comes in to rule the day and brings some clarity to your ideas.


If others don't understand that things need to be done differently, you want to talk to them again. You might need to give them lots of encouragement to do what deep down they already know is the right thing. Suggest to them that there could be some long term benefits in getting their act together soon.



What appears a sticky situation is not nearly as drastic as it seems.Things are not running as smoothly as they could be, yet there is no need to throw your hands in the air. There are ways of getting unstuck and looking at the details will help you figure out just what you need to do. You might not be able to do it all today, but you can make a good start.



It’s going to feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but eventually you’ll spot how things are going to work out.

You do not like to cause any sort of upset, yet what you need to say is not going to make you popular. With this in mind, you know that you need to warn others about what you are going to tell them.



Could it be that you need to do some things slowly one step at a time?

Those who are cautious seem to be holding you back. It’s worth your while to ask them what it is that is making them feel a little nervous about what you have in mind. It might not be anything major, and there could be some things you need to take care of, rather than rushing straight in.



Somebody is claiming something to be a fact when you can see that it’s really their opinion. Pointing this out is not going to be well-received. If you want them to appreciate that they are merely expressing an opinion you can put forward your opinion as a fact. They will soon get the idea that they need to think again.



Are you dealing with somebody who is rather over-pedantic? There are times when details do need to be looked at, yet there are other times when it’s not really worth your while to discuss the minutiae. Let them know that you understand their need to keep talking, but meanwhile you have a few things to do. You're going to keep a cool head and carry on.




You wanted to say no but could not bring yourself to be quite so direct. Those who are doing the asking are persisting. You were rather hoping they had taken the hint and stopped asking. Giving a clear no might make you feel you are being a little harsh, yet it’s far kinder than leading someone on in the hope that you might say yes.



It can happen from time to time that you have grand ideas which you cannot put into place straight away. Do you feel that the dilemma you are facing came about because you were a little overambitious? As you bring yourself back down to earth you want to consider what you can achieve realistically, and to get started without delay.



You can persuade everyone to get a better perspective when they seem to be getting in to a bit of a flap and you cannot see why. Remind them that whilst their concerns are valid, they are not major and they can be dealt with. It could be that somebody has made a mountain out of a molehill and others have simply followed suit.



When you get a bit of a surprise today you can feel glad that there is something unusual happening that stimulates your senses. It might throw you off your routine, but you know you like to have a bit of excitement. Make the most of things not going according to plan today. If nothing unexpected ever happened you would feel life was rather dull.



There seems to be some confusion that needs to be cleared up. What others think you’re doing is not what you’re doing. You need to take it upon yourself to explain to them your tactics and why you think it makes sense for you to do things in that way. When they can see the situation your way, they will understand.

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