Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 10th June



The Dragon energies of today can help bring someone to assist you in getting things back under control. It feels as though you’re having to fight fires because something unexpected flares up today. Make sure you’re aware of who could help instead of struggling along alone. There could be quite a few people who could be making your day run a lot more smoothly.



It could be that you feel stuck in a rut because you seem to be repeating the same task, yet things are not the same. If you can imagine that you find something wonderfully interesting, you’ll soon start to notice that there are notice lots of little things which help you feel fascinated. When you’re curious and happy, you begin to feel a lot more motivated.



You simply like it when the traffic light is green and you can sail across the cross roads. Remain patient and trust that everyone needs to stop at a red light from time to time. Sometimes stopping a while is just what you need to reflect on what you are doing. There are times when it’s not your turn to sail through without stopping and you need to wait for your moment. The Universe is not against you.



You are aware that somebody’s conduct is not up to standard, and you’re aware that they know it too. They also know that your tender Rabbit personality is not going to confront them. Nevertheless, you can still find a subtle way of pointing out what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Be prepared to repeat yourself until they get the message.



People might think you’re being boastful if you rattle off a list of your achievements. Hold back from talking about how wonderful you are and others might get that feeling about you from your quiet confidence. It’s far more interesting for others to find out something amazing about you from somebody else rather than have you tell them.



Your Snake personality normally prefers to be somewhat circuitous, especially when dealing with delicate matters. It would serve you well to speak directly today. There’s a certain amount of confusion and the best way of clearing things up is to be direct even if you feel others might not be entirely comfortable.



There’s always an exception which proves the rule. If you find something is not falling into an expected pattern, it could be that you are dealing with an exception. Remain positive about finding the answers, and the answers will come to you when you’re not thinking too hard about what’s next. Be present to all the possibilities.



Could it be that you feel somebody is watching your every move? If somebody is making you feel a little nervous, ask yourself what is it they are doing that’s making you feel agitated. Break the ice by talking about how you’re you would like to get to know them. They might also realise that they feel a little awkward too. When you bring things out into the open, you could find everyone relaxes a little.



Instead of feeling that you need to be the one under the spotlight, you’re going to let a domineering personality be the centre of attention today. You’re choosing to be wise enough to let them be the centre of attention, because you want to explore new avenues and enjoy some exhilarating fresh air.



Embrace the latest developments and accept that changes are happening for the better. You are aware that change is long overdue and today it seems as if new arrangements are falling into place and things are developing in the right direction. Even though you anticipated such changes, there is a part of you that imagines you would rather things stay the same.



On a Dragon day like today, it’s very easy for you to fall out with others over a simple misunderstanding. Remind everybody to examine the facts and you could avoid getting into a heated argument. Be gracious and forgive others, because you know that’s going to make a bigger difference.



Be kindly to those who appear foolish. You are not in a mood to suffer fools gladly, yet it seems that the fools are knocking on your door one by one. Is the universe sending lots of fools to test your patience? Chose to see it as an opportunity for you to learn and grow in how you handle different people.

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