Daily Chinese Horoscope: 7th June



Today, you want to be very practical. You’re aware you need to put aside some of your emotions in dealing with quite a sensitive issue. There’s a sense that you have been feeling exasperated at trying to control events which are not yours to manage. It would lift your spirits if you stuck to doing those things which you know you can do, right now.



Don’t expect others to like it because you’re saying no. They could appreciate you telling them as soon as you possible rather than say yes first then change your mind. Today, you need to be true to yourself. You’re not going change your mind, yet you might consider how you can offer something else to help soften the blow.



You could be tempted to buy something because it seems to be a particularly good price. It’s not much of a bargain if you spend money on something you don’t particularly want or need. Being sensible around money might not seem particularly exciting, yet you know it’s wise to avoid making an impulse purchase you might come to regret.



It’s not easy for your diplomatic Rabbit personality to say exactly what you think. On this occasion, you need to be assertive enough to let others know that they cannot take it that you agreed with them, when you didn’t. It’s not surprising that you feel annoyed that others haven’t given you the time to examine things carefully.



Obviously, you would rather like it if more people could be on your side. You’re aware that not everybody agrees with what you’re trying to do. People can change their minds once they are better informed about a situation and understand all the ramifications. Make a point of letting others know what you’re planning.



A situation is not as simple as it seems at first sight. Ask others if they need your assistance before you pour your time and energy into something which might be better handled by someone else. You might feel that you can step in and make a difference, yet you might run the risk of making things more complicated by getting involved.



Today is not a day for giving up, it’s very much a day for ploughing on with what you need to do. You feel as though you are working very hard, yet your progress is not as speedy as you would like it to be. Sometimes it can take a while longer before you can see results and some persistence is required.



There is rarely a right time to discuss delicate matters, but making a start today is a positive move. As you reflect on recent events and your feelings about them you could begin to see that there is still a certain sense of disruption. Those feelings could well be heightened today when somebody brings up a matter, which you feel has already been dealt with. Take a deep breath and face up to whatever others bring to the table.



It could be that a little bit more thought needs to go into how the new arrangements might work when you find yourself having to justify certain changes you wish to instigate. You could treat it that others do not fully understand your position. If someone comes to you with what seems like a protest, it could be some advice in disguise.



Somebody asked you for your opinion and now they’re acting disgruntled because they feel you are being somewhat critical. Perhaps, there is somebody else who can help you find a gentle way for you to express something, which could turn out to be a difficult point to make. What you offer is an honest opinion, yet if somebody else were to articulate your point of view they might put the same point across differently.



Be prepared to let go of whatever you prepared earlier to make room for something better.

Unanticipated developments could disrupt your well-organised arrangements. Whilst it can be irritating when this happens, by making changes today you could be making some major improvements which you otherwise might not have thought about.



You’re aware that others might feel disgruntled about the point you are making. It could be that they know you are right but are reluctant to admit it. Can you think of how you can add some thought-provoking comments to help them face up to the reality of the situation? You can be direct about what you need to say, yet you can be good-natured at the same time.


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