Daily Chinese Horoscope: 28th June



Those who are offering to lend you a hand have good intentions, yet you're looking for some special skills. It’s not that you don’t want them to help or you don’t need them to help, it’s that you are not sure how they can help. Encourage them to be helpful again in the future. There's going to be another time when you would love to have them around.



You have your own ideas and you’re in a position of figuring out how to collaborate with others. What are you looking for in a joint effort? When you connect with like minds, you're going to be able to find some common ground for you to succeed together. How can you get more momentum by teaming up with others? There’s greater energy when you pull together.



You're not brilliant at reading minds, yet you can tell somebody is trying to tell you something. When they keep making small talk and demanding your attention, see that as a sign for you to ask them what is it that is bothering them at the moment? They might feel they need you to show an interest before they can open up.



Rather than feel overwhelmed about all the things you need to do, start making some plans. As you start organising your thoughts you will soon realise you can do it all, if you are systematic with how you use your time. Be generous in allowing enough time, and you'll feel far more comfortable about making things happen.


Somebody new is trying very hard to talk you into something. Whilst you have no wish to fall out with them, when you make it clear exactly where you stand, they might feel you are being rather argumentative. Let them know you are not interested in having a fight and they might be better off persuading somebody else. Those who know you are already aware that your Dragon personality is not easily convinced.


There’s no need to keep reminding others about what would be a reasonable choice. It’s only by tripping over and encountering a few difficulties that they realise just how sensible you were with the guidance you offered them in the first place. You want to put your attention towards how you can do the things you want to do.


Sometimes you need to give some people the chance to prove that they are trustworthy. It’s only by taking a risk in asking them to do a little bit more that you can find out whether you can truly rely on them in future. You’re going to be cautious, yet you want to see if they can do a little more this time around. You might find that they step up to the mark.



Because you’ve handled some setbacks and overcome them, you can help somebody see the positive side of a situation by reminding them that there are still things they can do to make a difference. If you encourage them to do those things that could lead to a positive outcome, they have less time for complaining and more time for making things happen.



Treat difficult situations and tricky characters with good humour. When they see that you are not being judgemental or harsh they will find less of a need to be quite so bizarre. By taking the time to understand somebody, you could also learn something about yourself in the process.Maybe, there's a side to your Monkey personality that likes eccentricity.


You’re not going to allow others to draw you into their drama. If there’s some fighting, explain that you don’t really want to take sides. You feel the best way you can help is to encourage them to see that there's a compromise which can be reached. Is there some middle ground ? If they want to resolve their disputes, each party needs to shift a little.


Recognising what is a top priority today will mean that there are certain things you’re not going to do straight away. It's not going to bother you that there will be those who are less than pleased about this. Since you know you cannot please all the people all the time, explain your position to them, and let them know that tomorrow things will be different.



If somebody is complaining about being down on their luck, you can offer some sympathy. This might help them feel better. You can also offer them some insights about how they can create some more luck when luck is sparse. You are aware that working hard and putting in the effort can create a bit of your own luck.


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