Daily Chinese Horoscope: 26th June



Sometimes simply taking a break from what seems difficult will help you see that there is a simple way ahead. When you start the week and look at things with a fresh set of eyes you can soon spot the solution to a problem that you could not solve last week. Clever new ideas can spring into your mind today.



There's a lot on your plate and you can approach it with a light heart and not take yourself quite so seriously.


If you feel that today is quite a serious day with lots of serious matters to attend to, then you could find it handy to borrow some of the good humour of the Monkey ruling the day.



Since you do not really want to start the week in a bad temper, you might want to refrain from saying certain things to those annoying characters. On a Monkey day, like today, it’s easy for you to clash with others. Suggest that they come back and talk to you again tomorrow. You might find you will be feeling in a calmer mood and much better able to handle their irritating behaviour.



If you are suspicious about somebody having ulterior motives, you do not need to think too much about it. Simply treat them at face value, for they could just be being genuinely charming. If they are acting out false sentiments then they will find it hard to keep up the façade. Is somebody just being cheerful because that is how they feel on a Monday?



There are those who are ready to start discussing things in detail, yet you want to think more carefully about the bigger picture. If they act as if they know a lot, they could actually be right. Let others do more of the talking, for some of the finer points they make could help you see certain things a bit more clearly.



Even though you have a strong sense of what somebody is about to say, it would be a good idea for you not to show any sign that you have got an impression about their next step. They will feel you might have been paying them a bit too much attention if you know about their plans. By keeping a few things to yourself you also give them the pleasure of sharing some of their excitement.



You are waiting for messages which have yet to turn up. There could be things you need to find out and people you need to check on to see how they are progressing. If you have been cutting somebody a bit too much slack it’s time for you to tighten the reins. You want to have firmer control of a situation.



If a situation you are facing today has echoes of the past then look back and see what you learnt then and how you can deal with things differently today. Past mistakes can be looked upon positively as important lessons. Experience can be a good teacher, but when you learn from experience you rarely need to repeat lessons.



It seems as if certain things you have already done seem to be no longer needed. Whilst you might feel that you have wasted some time, you’ve gained some brilliant insights. By taking what you have learnt recently you can deal with matters this week a lot more speedily. Consider that you did a practice run.



It’s hard for you to say whether you’re only just noticing problems, which have been there all along or if things have suddenly got worse. Rather than deal with what you notice and didn’t notice, all you need to do is start putting things right. It doesn’t matter who did what or who didn’t do what; it’s what is going to be done today that will make the difference.



You’ve figured out what you want to say, and the tricky bit is how you are going to say it so that others are receptive to your message. You know they’re not going to like your message, so it’s important for you to find a way of letting them know certain things, without them getting too annoyed. Find a few other things to talk about first.



When you are better prepared for things to go wrong you can handle hitches and glitches far more capably.

If your week starts off with some disruption it is not a sign that chaos will dominate. See it actually as a wake-up call for you to get a bit more organised. You can think of some preventative tactics as you sort out the snags you hit today.


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