Chinese restaurant offers bra-sized discounts


A Chinese restaurant has received criticism for offering discount to women, depending on the bra size.

According to the Qianjiang Evening Post, the locals have complained to their council after seeing advertising which alleges to show discounts based on the size of women's bras.

The Trendy Shrimp restaurant at a mall in Hangzhou, the primary city in the coastal Zhejiang province, has placed an advertisement depicting cartoon women with different sized bras in order. To the side is the correlating discount to the bra size.

General manger of the restaurant, Lan Shenggang has defended their sales strategy after removing the poster saying that "the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%" and that some of the "girls we met were very proud - they had nothing to hide."

Shenggang has said though that customers can ask for the discount via female staff in order to "avoid embarrassment" they may have if dealing with a male member.

This is not the first time a restaurant in the country has offered discounts based on appearance though.

Two years ago at an establishment in Henan, there was a policy of rewarding customers that were judged to be "good-looking." This came just after another restaurant, this time in Chongqing, gave discounted food to overweight men and thinner women.


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