Chinese importance to whisky industry growing


More than 500 million bottles are exported from Britain every year. Photo credit - Pixabay


One of Scotland's leading luxury whisky producers is opening a distillery, thanks to Chinese demand.


The venture, at Ardnahoe on Islay, will represent an £8 million investment for Hunter Laing.


The Herald newspaper reports that:

''China has emerged as (Hunter Laing's) fastest-growing market as it inches closer to opening its first ever distillery.''

This is not the first time that developments in the whisky industry have been linked to demand from China.

In August, Douglas Laing and Co's new distillery and bottling plant, which will be built on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow, was revealed with strong Chinese connections.

According to the firm, the venture will enable it to focus on developing its highly successful global export trade.

A key component of this is Chinese demand for whisky. In the words of the firm:

''Plans and contacts are in place to further open up and expand into the emerging and huge Chinese market.''

Earlier in 2017, we reported that sales of whisky in China are now twelve times higher than they were a decade ago.

More than 500 million bottles are exported from Britain every year,  worth around 1.7 billion pounds - and Brexit could provide a further boost.

David Williamson, communications director for the Scotch Whisky Association, said: “Because of the relative weakness of the pound we’re certainly getting anecdotal reports back from our member companies that has helped to boost exports.”

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