Chinese demand helps support 5,000 new UK jobs


Jaguar Land Rover's models are in high demand in China. Photo credit - Pixabay


Jaguar Land Rover is set to employ 5,000 more engineers, boosted by strong demand in China.


Curiously, the British/Indian auto giant has teamed up with 'virtual' band the Gorillaz to help recruit the next generation of engineer.

Some of the selection process will take place based on scores achieved by the prospective employees in the Gorillaz App.

In May, we reported that Jaguar Land Rover had recorded a year of record sales, helped in no small part by phenomenal sales success in China.

That's story revealed that the UK's largest car manufacturer sold over 600,000 vehicles in the year to April.

In the Chinese market, the firm saw over 30 percent growth during the year. It's this growth, combines with strong sales figures in the USA, which has enabled the firm to commit to growth.

The good news for the company comes as Brexit continues to shadow the UK car industry with uncertainty.

At present, most UK car manufacturers are reporting strong export demand as the low value of the pound lowers costs for overseas buyers.

However, the Brexit process could bring new trade barriers which have the potential to cancel-out, or even exceed these export savings.

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