Chinese business figures pay for dinner and a photo with David Cameron


How much would you pay for dinner with David Cameron?


Chinese business figures have paid out around £12,000 for a meal and a photo with the former Prime Minister.


Not only was a dinner with Mr Cameron on offer, he also appeared in advertising on social media for the Shanghai International Ball and Leaders' Forum, which took place earlier this week.


The former Prime Minister is set to meet President Xi Jinping during his visit to the country. Mr Cameron’s visit to China comes as he prepares to launch an investment fund.


David Cameron is to take on a new role heading a government backed initiative between Britain and China. The ex-PM will take charge of a fund worth £750m which hopes to improve rail and road networks between China and partner trading nations around the world.


Ministers have said that this new element of the "Belt and Road Initiative" will create jobs and boost trade links.


During a state visit in 2015, President Xi met with David Cameron and famously went for a pint in the Prime Minister’s local. A pub which was then sold to a Chinese business after a surge in Chinese tourists.

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