Chinese Students Pay Consultants £10,000 JUST to Pick University


If you reckon university fees in the UK are through the roof, students in China are paying consultants £10,000 just to pick the right college.

Based on students gaokao results released tomorrow, parents are flocking to experts for advice on which university is best their child. 

Near Renmin University of China, an institution bills consulting services by the hour. You'll have to cough up 500 yuan per hour just to see someone one - on - one basis, according to China Daily. 

The main reason students and parents seek a consultant's advice is that the application to college is as important as taking the exam itself. Even with an above average gaokao score, a student who loses out to their top university over other candidates has to settle for a second tier university. Meaning the top exam results they earned goes totally to waste. 

And after all that, consultants can not guarantee a students place. Meaning the sky high fees (almost a years worth of university tuition in the UK) are non refundable even if a student is unaccepted by the university advised. Which begs the question, is a consultant necessary in the first place when no place is promised? 

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