China once again hits out at South China Sea arbitration


China has yet again slammed the Permanent Court of Arbitration, accusing it of acting as “a mouthpiece of certain groups” in the case between China and the Philippines.
The Hague court is expected on July 12 to announce its ruling on the case brought by the Philippines against China’s claims in the South China Sea.

The verdict will determine whether Manila has the right to exploit waters claimed by both countries.
Paul Reicher, head of the Philippines’ legal team, told Reuters that the ruling is expected to deprive China of any legal basis for its claims in the waters.

Hong Lei, spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at Monday’s news briefing that the comments proved that the court is a mouthpiece.

China started a military drill in the South China Sea on Tuesday in what officials described as “routine”. 

The Guardian reports that China's state-run newspaper, Global Times, released an editorial to coincide with the drills, in which they claim the tribunal is part of a US ploy "to impose more pressure on China".

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